Kirchdorfer Group: Award-winning innovations

published 11/2012

Within the frame of this year’s Innovation Award of Lower Austria the Kirchdorfer Group was awarded two different awards of their subsidiaries. “As an Austrian Industry Group we focus on our R&D department. Our innovations are not only strategic products but also contribute to people’s safety and quality of life The nomination for the Austrian National Award and the recognition within the frame of the innovation award of Lower Austria confirm our efforts,” says Mag. Erich Frommwald, manager of the Kirchdorfer Group.

DELTABLOC® Absorption Link nominated for the Austrian National Award
New anchorage system guarantees more road safety

The new anchorage system DELTABLOC ® Absorption Link was awarded the Innovation Award of Lower Austria as one of the best new developments and was thus nominated for the “Austrian National Award”. Efficient restrain systems are a significant contribution to road safety. If a car veers off the road, the restraint system will prevent from crashing through the barrier and guarantees controlled collision behavior. The DELTABLOC® Absorption Link is an innovative anchorage system for concrete protection walls on bridges that absorbs the collision energy of heavy vehicles without jolting and highly efficiently. The construction changes collision energy into deforming energy.  The development on the Absorption Link, was based on experience combined with more than 130 crash tests, the numerical optimization with the help of the finite element method and numerous real crash tests on a simulated bridge support structure including force measurements. The result was a cost efficient highly effective anchorage unit made of steel with various application possibilities.

Recognition Award for MABA FTI
PHONOBLOC®: Ecologically sustainable noise protection system

The Recognition Award of the Innovation Award of Lower Austria was awarded to the subsidiary MABA FTI. Within the frame of the R&D project, promoted by FFG and the province of Lower Austria they developed an “ecologically sustainable noise protection system”, a new and already patented noise protection concrete. PHONOBLOC® offers one homogenous layer of noise protection concrete and thus fulfills the highest static and acoustic requirements. The surface can be individually designed by means of an additional layer. The range of application is versatile. Panels can be set-up between metal supports as constructive individual walls, rail absorber panels or guiding walls can be combined with noise protection. The new noise protection concrete consists of mineral material and is thus 100% reusable, guaranteeing sustainable construction that saves energy and resources.