Implemented projects

Over the years, our group has successfully completed numerous projects in the fields of building construction and civil engineering, tunnels, railroads, roads and the manufacture of precast concrete elements. These references reflect our commitment to quality and innovation. We invite you to take a look at our diverse projects to gain an insight into our capabilities and experience in the construction industry.

Reference project: Rondo


The best place to keep the concrete artists in shape is at the trotting track: a total of seven elegant residential buildings have been erected in the new “Viertel Zwei” district under the promising “RONDO” label. These are characterized by striking, sloping, round balcony balustrades that would make even the most experienced jockey nod in approval. Statically co-supporting prefabricated balustrades, consisting of 700 individual pieces up to 7 meters long, were manufactured in five different basic radii and present themselves in bevels and color variations that defy any payment. In short, the perfect job for an exquisite concrete manufacturer like RAUTER.

Over 70 artfully crafted basic formworks, a particularly fine exposed concrete sandblasting plant, extremely gentle special logistics and an extended regiment for documentation, quality control and final inspections are challenges that no precast plant in the wide area behind the Semmering would dare to tackle.

It is therefore no wonder that with apartment prices of around EUR 7,000 per square meter, only the most elegant precast concrete elements are good enough, as the project manager on the sales side, engineer Robert Binder, explains to us with an ironic smile: “We couldn’t afford any of these apartments …” – But the entire RAUTER team has indeed done a remarkable job.

PHONOBLOC® DB NBF Systems on the B10 in Zuffenhausen, Germany

The B10 federal highway in Germany stretches for an impressive 300 kilometers and connects Bavaria with Saarland, forming a crucial east-west transport axis in this region. As one of the most important transport links in Germany, a planning process is currently underway to upgrade it to a four-lane road.

The section in Baden-Württemberg in particular is affected by considerable traffic volumes and the resulting congestion. For this reason, noise protection is of central importance. A pioneering measure was implemented in November 2021: The installation of a PHONOBLOC® DB NBF system on the B10 in Zuffenhausen, north of Stuttgart. Specially integrated noise barriers with the tried-and-tested PHONOBLOC® DB 100 NBF and HB WAVEline absorbers were installed over a length of more than 600 meters to protect residents from the impact of traffic noise.

This outstanding project is characterized not only by its effectiveness in noise reduction, but also by special solutions such as an emergency exit and the integration of a radar box. We are proud to have made a contribution to improving the quality of life along the B10 and will continue to use our expertise in noise protection technology to make such projects even more efficient and innovative.

Niceshops in Saaz, Southeast Styria

With the grease separator from TIBA AUSTRIA GmbH, the expansion of the company’s own canteen kitchen and canteen for the currently more than 400 employees of niceshops was crowned: the cleaning effect of the system, which weighs almost 15 tons, is far superior to that of conventional separators and thus makes a decisive contribution to minimizing the wastewater load.

enature® FISHPASS, Carinthia

Europe’s highest fish migration aid is currently located in south-eastern Carinthia, with an impressive height difference of 21 meters. These fish migration aids are of particular importance for the Drau, as they support medium-distance migrants such as the nase and barbel, which undertake extensive spawning migrations upstream. Even the largest fish species in the Drau, the Huchen and the catfish, with a length of over one meter, master the fish migration aid without any problems.

DELTABLOC-A2 Bič , Slovenia

The Slovenian A2 freeway is an important transit route that is constantly being modernized. In May 2023, the section from Bič to Trebnje underwent a comprehensive renovation, which also included the installation of new STEELBLOC® steel crash barriers along the edge of the carriageway. The installation stretched over a distance of 3 kilometers and included the STEELBLOC® systems 7.20s, 7.20c and 12.20c.

Highest noise barrier A2, Wiener Neudorf

For more than a decade, the noise protection technology of Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions noise barriers (“LSW”) has been revolutionizing the world of noise protection and significantly improving the quality of life of local residents. In the summer of 2021, Austria’s highest noise barrier was installed on the A2 Südautobahn in the Wiener Neudorf section, rising an impressive 13 meters into the air.

This impressive project stretches over 1.2 kilometers and was realized by the renowned company HABAU on behalf of ASFINAG. The lower half of the noise barrier consists of precast concrete elements with a wood-concrete cladding. In addition, further Phonobloc® wood-concrete LSW elements with the coveted natureplus® environmental seal of approval are installed between the supports. In this way, the Austrian highway operator is relying on sustainable wood-concrete technology that also provides highly effective noise protection for more than 5,000 local residents.

The in-situ measurements carried out by ASFINAG confirm that the highest requirements for sound reflection and airborne sound insulation are met. Over the years, Kirchdorfer’s successful noise protection portfolio has evolved from a conventional mineral variant made of porous lightweight concrete to an ecologically sustainable wood-concrete standard in various surface designs. In 2017, the Kirchdorfer Group received its first approval for use on high-speed railroad lines in Austria and Germany.

With the space-saving integration of DELTABLOC® concrete crash barriers, the Kirchdorf noise barrier also sets standards in terms of traffic safety.

DELTABLOC – Stockholm bypass, Sweden

The “Stockholm Bypass” is an ambitious road construction project that aims to relieve the center of the Swedish capital from through traffic. With an expected duration until 2035, this project covers a total length of 21 kilometers, of which an impressive 18 kilometers will be realized as a tunnel to minimize the impact on nature and the environment. Once open to traffic, this tunnel will be one of the longest road tunnels in the world.

DELTABLOC® plays a decisive role in this monumental project. Last week, the installation of DB 80AS-E on a 4.3 kilometer section and DB 80E on a 300 meter section was started. This installation work is expected to continue until September. This project is also characterized by some remarkable features, such as transition elements to steel crash barriers, emergency exits and light poles, which contribute to the safety and functionality of the tunnel.

Pilot project on S1, power plant noise barrier, Vienna

The Kirchdorfer Group is expanding its product range and taking a pioneering step towards ecological traffic route infrastructure. The PHONOBLOC® wood-concrete noise barriers, which have been awarded the natureplus® seal of approval, are now being fitted with photovoltaic panels, opening a new chapter in the ecological design of Austrian traffic route infrastructure.

The solar power generated by this product aims to offset all the energy used in the production, transportation and installation of the “noise barrier power plant” after just two years of operation.

By installing PV panels (glass foil) on the upper Y-shaped element, an annual yield of 1,173 kWh/kWp can be expected at a utilization rate of 90%, whereby 1 kWp corresponds to a generator area of around 4.85 m². This leads to an annual CO2 saving of 325.4 kg/kWp*.

The Kirchdorfer Group enables the efficient use of existing noise protection infrastructure and the retrofitting of existing noise barriers. With a specially developed Y-shaped element, which is used instead of the uppermost noise protection element, and a substructure adapted to the location, the photovoltaic panels can be optimally aligned against the sun and at the same time protected from local wind and snow loads, as Klaus Aichholzer, KCS Business Unit Manager Road, explains.

With the installation of PHONOBLOC® wood-concrete noise barriers, Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions is leading the way in the expansion of infrastructure along roads and railways. With the development of the Y-shaped element, existing noise barriers can also be retrofitted for the installation of PV panels “on top” by simply replacing the uppermost standard noise barrier element.

Mariazell Railway

The Mariazell Railway in Lower Austria, which at 84 kilometers is the longest narrow-gauge railroad in Austria, was faced with the challenge of modernizing its track system. In cooperation with Niederösterreich Bahnen (NÖVOG), MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH developed a solution – tailor-made concrete sleepers called “SS NQ”, which meet the requirements of the narrow-gauge railroad.

These new concrete sleepers are heavier and wider than their predecessors and offer improved lateral displacement resistance, which increases the lateral stability of the track. A low construction height enables adaptation to narrow clearance profiles, while a special plastic coating on the underside optimizes the connection with the track ballast bed, especially at high temperatures in summer.

The concrete sleepers have successfully passed extensive tests and not only offer outstanding performance, but also reduce production and maintenance costs. In order to prepare the Mariazell Railway for the future, a total of 75,000 of these sleepers will be installed along the 84-kilometre route from 2023 to replace the existing steel sleepers and wooden sleepers.

Herbert Sternberger, Head of the Railway Business Unit at Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions, emphasized the importance of this project for the narrow-gauge railroads and praised the successful cooperation with NÖVOG.

Koralm Railway, Styria/Carinthia

Have you heard of the “Koralmbahn project of the century”? A fast and safe connection between Styria and Carinthia: This is what the Koralm Railway creates. It is part of the new southern line in Austria and one of the most important infrastructure projects in Europe. What began as a pipe dream in 1968 is now a reality. And we as the Kirchdorfer Group are part of it. We are supplying the foundations that will transport ÖBB guests from Graz to Klagenfurt, among other places, in the future.

With an order volume of 20,000 track support plates – incidentally one of the largest orders in our company’s history – we are also making history! The 33 km long Koralm Tunnel is one of the most spectacular structures in the world. Several thousand people and three gigantic tunnel boring machines set several records here.

DELTABLOC Skulte project in Riga, Latvia

In October 2022, an impressive road safety project was successfully implemented on a main road in the northern part of Riga, Latvia. Here, we perfectly showcased our comprehensive product range. We integrated PHONOBLOC® noise barriers DB 100 NBF, DELTABLOC® concrete safety barriers DB 80AS-A and DB 80F as well as complementary STEELBLOC® crash barriers.

This landmark project underlines our position as a leading provider in the field of road safety and highlights our role as a full-service provider of innovative solutions. We are proud to have contributed to this significant milestone in road safety and remain at your service with our extensive product range and expertise to meet your safety needs.

Brenner Base Tunnel, Austria/Italy

With a total length of 64 km, the joint Austrian-Italian project is set to become the longest underground rail link in the world by 2026. Base segments and cover plates were produced for 15 km of exploratory and drainage tunnels.

Reference: Aron Mencer

Educational campus Aron Menczer, Vienna

The Aron Menczer educational campus in Vienna’s 3rd district was completed in August 2021. RAUTER, the Kirchdorfer Group’s concrete specialist, supplied custom-made precast concrete elements to implement architect Martin Kohlbauer’s designs. The outwardly sloping parapet elements with white cement and a sandblasted surface were a challenging task. RAUTER supplied over 1,200 linear meters of these elements and integrated stainless steel elements for an efficient connection during production.

In addition to the interior spaces, RAUTER supplied the outdoor area with prefabricated parts such as wall panels, stair walls, seating elements and an individual fountain module. This successful collaboration created a modern, inviting learning space for the future.

Stone maiden, Styria

The Styrian municipality of Radmer an der Stube, to the east of the Gesäuse National Park, now has a safe excursion destination thanks to a rockfall protection system from RAUTER that is unique in Austria. The “Steinerne Jungfrau” had previously caused repeated closures due to the risk of falling rocks. The Styrian provincial government invested 2 million euros to eliminate this risk. RAUTER supplied 28 tons of special prefabricated parts, including 15 gigantic columns and 2-metre-high prefabricated walls, to effectively protect the 120-metre-long road. The production of these unique columns was an unusual challenge, which RAUTER, as an Austrian specialist for special precast parts, successfully met.

Reference: Virgin Radmerstraße

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