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New Edition of the Kirchdorfer News 1/2018

published 06/2018

This latest issue presents the topics corporate culture, human resources development and important innovations made by Kirchdorfer. Pursue with us the annual ignition of the rotary kiln in Kirchdorfer Zementwerk, the restart of TIBA CHVALETICE in the Czech Republic and how lived company values increase coherence and camaraderie. Learn more about the consolidation of the […]

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New Edition of the Kirchdorfer News 1/2017

published 05/2017

The spring edition of the Kirchdorfer News just arrived! This latest issue presents a number of interesting reports, comprising the entire Group. The special focus of this issue revolves around our complex and complete quality assurance, guaranteeing an extraordinary product quality throughout the entire Group.

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Get to know us!

published 03/2017

The new image film of the Kirchdorfer Group shows impressively the diversity of the Group and its value-added process.

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New edition of Kirchdorfer News 2/2015

published 12/2015

Our pre-Christmas issue of the „Kirchdorfer News“ offers numerous interesting articles covering many fields of our Group. The main focus is the innovative wood-concrete composite floor XC ®, newly developed by MMK.  

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New edition of Kirchdorfer News 1/2015

published 06/2015

Our latest issue of the „Kirchdorfer News“ offers numerous interesting articles covering many fields of our Group. The main focus of this issue is the report about our concrete-campaign.  Learn more about the “world’s cleanest cement plant” in Kirchdorf an der Krems and the extension of the Koralm railway-tunnel.

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Concrete Solution May 2015

published 05/2015

Wood – Concrete Absorber Phonobloc® HB The time has come: The wood – concrete absorber enters the international market.

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New edition of the group journal “Kirchdorfer News”

published 04/2014

You will find a number of interesting articles in the latest issue of the „Kirchdorfer News“ covering all the different branches of our enterprise. This issue’s highlight is the report about the project of the century, the Boßler tunnel, to which the working partnership PORR and MABA make an important contribution.

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Kirchdorfer launches a new group magazine, the „Kirchdorfer News“

published 10/2013

As from now the new group magazine, the „Kirchdorfer News“ will be issued every six months. This medium serves as an information platform and shall also be an opportunity to share ideas. On eight pages the Kirchdorfer Group informs about current projects, reports about innovations and shares news.

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Kirchdofer conquers Kilimanjaro

published 01/2013

Towering 5,895 meters above the savannahs of Africa the Kilimanjaro is one of the “seven summits“, the highest mountains of each of the seven continents. At the beginning of the year Mag. Erich Frommwald set himself the target to climb this huge mountain massif.

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Wöllersdorf under the sign of Leo

published 05/2012

The sun was shining, the visitors‘ faces were beaming when the Upper Austrian Kirchdorfer Group opened the new administration center in Wöllersdorf in the presence of numerous visitors on May 23, 2012. “The values of the Kirchdorfer Group are to respect the existing and to create something new out of it – and the refurbishment […]

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