Modernization of the quarry Rejta: Fresh breeze blows through an old quarry

published 04/2014

In the frame of a comprehensive modernization project the entire production line of the quarry Rejta in Southern Bohemia has been upgraded. Beside a better rock quality and an improved production performance mainly ecological issues were in the focus of the future oriented investment.

A cement plant “is no chocolate factory”. Ten years later everybody still remembers this legendary quote of our group manager Max Machanek. This is especially true for a quarry. Where heavy rocks are broken into fine-grained stone, dust is inevitable. But in the Quarry Rejta – a branch of KÁMEN A PÍSEK in the Czeck Krumau since 2004 – dust pollution will soon be a thing of the past.

With an investment volume of about one million Euros – 50% of which will be funded by the European Union and the Czeck Minuistry for Environment respectively – number one priority in this modernization project is the reduction of  particulate matter emission into the air. Under the project leadership of Dipl.-Ing Otakar Veselý Jr. a project was realized over the winter months that had been planned for a long time. The trial run will start in April 2014.

Eight employees members will produce an average of 120,000 tons of finished high-quality material per year that will be used in asphalt mixes and bedding material and substructures for streets, highways and railways.

Long-term investments in quality, safety and environmental protection

Pavel Fučik, manager of the subsidiary in Krumau is very pleased that the Rejta, a facility that had been taken over in very bad condition, has reached the same high-quality and production level as the other nine KÁMEN A PÍSEK quarries throughout the Czech Republic.

“The reconstruction of the technological production street and the implementation of a modern de-dusting system that is a standard in all our plants has been planned for a long time and we are pleased to be able to start this project now – especially in a time in which the general economic frame conditions for investments are not so favorable. But our long-term perspective for this quarry is an annual excavation volume of high-quality material for at least 65 years.”

Less dust, better rock quality

In the course of this complex modernization project modern suction, sprayer and water wetting systems were installed at all junction points of the production line, thus reducing the dust emission to a minimum.

At the same time state-of-the-art breakers were installed. The products are now separated in a new screening unit, thus improving the quality and the cleanness of the stones.