Ziegelit ®: Housing projects made of brick chippings, sand, cement and water

published 03/2012

Whether terraced houses, multi-storey buildings or single-family houses – at the beginning of the construction there is always the question of the suitable material. Fire resistance, sound protection and insulation are the most important criteria. However, the cooling during the summer months and thus the storage capacity of the construction material becomes more and more important.

Therefore the MABA Group offers the massive construction material Ziegelit® which is made of brick chippings, sand cement and water and bears the IBO mark. The elements are prefabricated, guaranteeing a faster construction progress. “Short construction times and cost certainty are important issues of building a house.

We support this important planning process with our service for constructors and investors to optimize the lay-out planning.” explains Dipl.-Ing Dieter Uhrig, revenue manager for building construction of the MABA Fertigteilindustrie for building construction.

The Ziegelit®- walls are prefabricated in the plant and only the outer wall insulation system has to be applied on the spot. The industrial production of large panels accelerates the construction progress considerably. It is also possible to produce prefabricated elements for terraced houses, classic family houses or for up to six floor high buildings. The MABA Group has constantly expanded its product portfolio and is the only Austrian supplier of complete system solutions. The range is from semi- to fully prefabricated elements of concrete or Ziegelit®.

Slim Ziegelit® elements gain additional space

Due to the high strength of the wall elements – also in multi storey buildings – 15 centimeters are sufficient for bearing walls – thus gaining additional usable space. Calculated on the entire usable area of a house this could mean an additional room with the same layout area. Furthermore, Ziegelit® is an excellant heat storage for the winter and comfortable coolness in the summer and a balancing element in case of fluctuating humidity of a room.

Excellent fire resistance of the massive construction material is a matter of course.

High quality wall surfaces

Once the walls have been erected, the advantages of Ziegelit® have not yet come to an end. As the prefabricated elements have a smooth surface on the inside they can be smothered and painted right away. A Ziegelit® wall does not need any plastering which accelerates the construction time and saves further costs. Another plus is also the lack of stem work for electricity, telephone and EDP cables and sanitary installations. Ziegelit® panels are already equipped with tubes in which all cables and pipes can be laid on the spot without any dirt, noise or delays.

The IBO mark brings eco-points and subsidies

Ziegelit® is a natural construction material that contains a high percentage of high-quality brick chipping which is mixed into cement and natural sand and cast into large format elements. The low wall thickness of 15 cm of the Ziegelit® outer walls creates the space for thicker insulation systems that is necessary to reach the standard values that are required for buildings in low energy or passive house standards. The extensive wall elements have only a few joints. This is perfect for an airtight building envelope, a basic requirement for energetically optimum buildings and unique in massive prefabricated houses. This brings eco-points and is definitely an important pre-condition for energy saving subsidies. Ziegelit® walls are listed and recommended as ecological construction material in the Austrian baubook. Its suitability for sustainable ecological construction projects has been certified by the Austrian Institute for Construction Biology and Construction Ecology and awarded with the IBO mark.

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Terraced houses in the Breitenleer street, the Arztgasse and the Viktor Wittner-Gasse and the Caritas hostel in the Heustadelgasse in Vienna, terraced houses in the Virchowgasse and Neudorfer Street in Graz, but also a housing estate in Schörfling at the Attersee lake are only a few examples of real estate projects that were built with Ziegelit®. Apart from the pleasant room climate and the optimal sound insulation the dwellers take advantage of the low-energy construction that guarantees both a subsidy for all apartments and low overhead costs.

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