Open House in the Kirchdorfer cement plant

published 08/2013

Open House in the Kirchdorfer cement plant More than 600 interested visitors followed the invitation and were surprised how much technology and technical know-how is involved in such a seemingly simple product such as cement.

On the occasion of the anniversary „125 Kirchdorfer Group“ on August 31st the Kirchdorfer cement plant opened its gates for interested visitors who wanted to enjoy a firsthand look behind the facades of the plant and see, how cement is actually produced.

Under the skilled guidance of 14 employees members of various departments a total of 600 people joined 50 interesting tours through the plant. They could learn about the production of cement from the raw material to the shipping. They visited the centerpiece of cement production, the enormous rotary kiln, in which the raw material is burned to clinker at a temperature of more than 1,400 degrees Celsius. The clinker is then transported to the cement mills. In these rotating drums, filled with hundreds of tons of steel balls a precicely defined composition of clinker and other grinding additives is then ground to cement.

During a visit in the cement lab the visitors could look over the shoulders of the lab assistants, assessing the performance of the raw meal and the cement. Finally a visit of the packing area answered the question of how the cement is packed and paletted.

The most impressive part for most visitors was the quick visit of the central control room next to the rotary kiln: This is where the controller monitors the individual production phases via screens, always ready to interfere in case of irregularities.

In the vistors‘ tent the Schlierbach Music Assocoation and the city orchestra of Kirchdorf provided for entertainment. A snack and marketing articles as a souvenir of these exciting hours completed the memorable day in the traditional enterprise Kirchdorfer.