TIBA has the right flow

published 04/2014

Shaft bottoms with integrated plastic chambers are the non-plus-ultra in the tapping and diversion of all kind of sewage. MEBA is an expert in this field. The Southern Styrian company started to produce this chamber from pure flowing concrete.

There is no way around plastic chambers where vast quantities of sewage flow and prefabricated shafts are dimensioned for high capacity, but as concrete is unbeatable TIBA tackles this issue also in its shaft bottom program. Cleverly produced concrete chambers are the best choice for shaft solutions.

A brand new intelligent production technology launched at the beginning of  2014 in the TIBA plant in Solenau makes this move possible. This “Perfect-Product-System” developed with the Upper Austrian Schlüsselbauer company does not only optimize the quality of TIBA’s  construction elements, but enables important product developments.

“Especially for central reservation drainage and the rain water canal, concrete channels with integrated seals are an ideal complement to our existing program. The channels are also suitable for private and house connections and are perfect as far as functionality, service life and quality is concerned” says TIBA manager Christian Nageler. He is not only looking forward to the new areas of application but also to the resource saving and cost efficient production of the new shaft bottoms.

With the Perfect procedure exclusively flowing concrete is used that is hardened in a formwork made of EPS and – apart from a precise geometry of all joints – enables a high-quality surface with low water penetration depth. TIBA thus has the perfect method to produce individually designed concrete channels.

TIBA has the right flow TIBA has the right flow TIBA has the right flow