DELTABLOC International GmbH, Austria

Concrete vehicle restraint systems

DELTABLOC International is a leading developer and manufacturer of concrete vehicle restraint systems.

The company has a comprehensive expertise, holds patents and owns trademarks and licenses in the area of concrete barriers. Its products are distributed by regional license partners with a focus on EU and EU enlargement countries. In Germany, the Netherlands, France and the UK, the DELTABLOC® system is distributed directly by subsidiaries. DELTA BLOC International is currently represented in more than 30 countries, thus making a substantial contribution to road safety in Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East. In addition to projects in permanent road safety, DELTABLOC is dedicated to the rental of temporary road barriers protecting motorway works and works on the highway and the general road network. In these fields, the subsidiaries operate as independent sales companies and full-line suppliers. This is how they continuously increase their market shares.

Year of Establishment
Sales Volume
€ 80 Mio.
Bmstr. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Thomas Edl

Industriestraße 28
A-2601 Sollenau

Tel.: +43 57715 470 0