DELTABLOC Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Concrete vehicle restraint systems

DELTA BLOC Deutschland DELTA BLOC Deutschland

DELTABLOC Deutschland GmbH is responsible for the distribution of DELTABLOC® road restraint systems in Germany. Apart from the realization of numerous products for the fixed installation the subsidiary of the DELTABLOC International GmbH is also very successful in leasing transportable safety barriers for site protection.

As an all-round provider in the area of concrete safety barriers the company is well positioned in the German market, constantly increasing its market share. Due to the network of the DELTABLOC® license partners the production can mostly be carried out close to the construction project. DELTABLOC Deutschland can thus quickly and flexibly react to the various needs of its clients and minimize the transport costs.

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Ingo Stoffels
BM Dipl.-Ing. Dr. tech. Thomas Edl

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