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Sparte Rohstoffe
Sparte Rohstoffe
Sparte Rohstoffe
Sparte Rohstoffe

In 2019, Kirchdorfer Group expanded its portfolio with the „Road & Traffic” division. The new division mainly covers the areas of passive road safety and noise protection. It is an innovation driver and developer of vehicle restraint systems made of steel and concrete as well as rentable, portable construction site safeguards. With a new steel product line, it is expanding into a complementary business field and continuing on its path of success as an international group.

129 employees supervise projects of all sizes in more than 30 countries.

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Thomas Edl


„We are the only provider worldwide to offer „seamless safety”- a modular and seamless interlocking of precast concrete parts, in-situ concrete solutions and steel guide rails. We are reinventing the wheel!“
Thomas Edl
Head of division and CEO of DELTABLOC® Group


Under the product brands DELTABLOC®, STEELBLOC®, PHONOBLOC® and CITYBLOC®, the executing company DELTA BLOC International GmbH is constantly breaking new ground in road safety. With STEELBLOC®, a system of revolutionary, super-modular steel crash barriers, DELTABLOC® takes road safety to a new level. In the coming years, the company intends to further expand its mission as a market and technology leader in passive traffic safety.

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