Photo Contest

FAQ for The Photo Contest “Safety at a glance”

What is the “safety at a glance“ photo contest?
The aim of the photo competition is to raise awareness of the topic of safety. Situations with safety aspects should therefore be captured (at work, in leisure time or on vacation).

What criteria do the photos have to fulfill?
At least one employee of the Kirchdorfer Group and one safety aspect (helmet, safety vest, gloves, …) must be visible. If one of the two or no criteria is met, we unfortunately cannot consider the photo.

Single photo: An employee of the Kirchdorfer Group must be photographed. In addition, family or friends can also be seen in the photo, but only the photographed employee will be considered for the prize.

Group photo: two or more employees of the Kirchdorfer Group. In the case of a group photo, the photographed employees and the photographer will be taken into account for the prize.

One individual photo per person, but several group photos can be submitted.

Please note: the individual photo and the group photo can only be submitted once. A repeated submission by another teammate will not be considered. In addition, there are no limits to your creativity or individuality. Our tip: The more unusual and imaginative your photo is, the higher the probability of a good rating from the community.

Pictures that have no connection to security and show immoral motifs are excluded from participation.

When is the submission deadline for the photos?
Photos can be sent between July 6th and August 31st, 2022 to the email address with the subject “Safety at a glance”. Your photos will then be published online on a photo platform and released for evaluation. Don’t worry: Only employees of the Kirchdorfer Group can access and inspect this platform.

By submitting a photo, you as a participant agree to our conditions of participation and confirm that you have read and understood them. In doing so, you also agree that the photos may be published for media purposes (e.g. Kirchdorfer News).

What can you win?
1st prize: Training – safely on the road on slippery roads and ice

2nd + 3rd prize: safety set

The group price will be a surprise!

All participants will also receive a consolation prize.

1st prize will be matched to the winners’ country & location of origin.

The top photos will be published on the portal and the winning photos will be presented in the winter edition of the Kirchdorfer News.

How do you submit the photo?
Photos are to be sent to the e-mail address with the subject “Safety at a glance”. Please provide your first and last name, your company, your location and the security aspects that can be seen in the photo.

The personal data will be stored and used by Kirchdorfer Industries GmbH exclusively in connection with the organization and implementation of the photo competition.

Participation in the photo competition is free of charge and only possible online.

When is the voting & how does the evaluation work?
The platform for the evaluation opens in September and will be visible via a link in the portal or QR code on notices and screens. The submitted pictures can be evaluated individually by the community of the Kirchdorfer Group. You decide who wins. Out of all individual submissions, the three images with the highest rating win the competition. The group photo with the most ratings will win the group prize.

Further details on registration and the exact rating system will be published in due course.

When & how do you know if your photo has won?
We will inform you of the result of the vote in autumn by means of a portal post and a notice. We will also inform the winners personally.

Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation for the photo contest „Safety at a glance“

The photo competition starts on July 6th, 2022. Participation is possible until August 31st, 2022. Voting on the photo platform begins and ends in September 2022.

Each employee can be represented more than once in a participant team. In addition to employees of the Kirchdorfer Group, relatives are also entitled to participate, but only employees are entitled to win. The Kirchdorfer Group reserves the right to exclude participants from the photo competition if these conditions of participation are violated. Participants who use unauthorized aids or otherwise want to gain an advantage through manipulation will be excluded from participation. If necessary, the prize will be subsequently withdrawn and reclaimed.

The result of the vote will be published in a portal post, notice and in the Kirchdorfer News. In addition, the winners will be notified by email.

There is no warranty or guarantee on the prize. Prizes are not paid in cash. The legal process is excluded.

The Kirchdorfer Group reserves the right to end the photo competition at any time without prior notice if proper execution cannot be guaranteed for technical or legal reasons.