New adventure world in Spielberg

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published 12/2019

The large “Ring Rast” project is being realized with precast concrete parts from the Kirchdorfer Group

The groundbreaking ceremony for the huge adventure world on the S 36 near Spielberg took place in mid-March 2019: “Ring Rast” is currently developing an area of ​​around 4.5 hectares which is unique in Austria and which combines rest area, hotel and play paradise. The 13 million euro project was initiated by SMS Immobilien- und Projektentwicklungs GmbH and is intended to become a regional and tourist hot spot – especially for families.

The entire order for the construction of this mammoth project was awarded to the precast concrete specialist Rauter, who realized it together with the prefabricated cellar specialist Kammel and the concrete expert MABA. In cooperation  with the MABA Wöllersdorf plant, Rauter supplied a total of around 50 beams for the two halls. Kammel supplied approx. 1,650 sqm of element ceilings (approx. 189 pieces) for a total of two halls (“Jump” and “Medium”) and approx. 800 sqm of double walls (approx. 45 pieces) for the “game world”. By working together at the three locations, a very short delivery time for the construction site was achieved. The companies in the Kirchdorfer Group were once again a powerful partner for the construction industry.

The products used combine innovative technology and the best quality” says Franz Strobl, Managing Director at Kammel. “In addition, the construction time is reduced enormously thanks to the precast concrete parts supplied.” Why is obvious: After assembly, the large precast elements are “only” poured with in-situ concrete. Formwork, reinforcement and the subsequent removal of the formwork, which in turn require additional time and logistical effort, can be dispensed with.

The sections “Jumphalle”, “Party Rooms” and “Spielhalle” have already been completed. At the end of 2019, the “Playworld S 36” with trampoline paradise, game worlds, laser games or an open-air facility for soccer golf should open. The next delivery of beams for the future construction phase will be announced in spring 2020. The “Ring Rast”, which houses a state-of-the-art petrol station and car wash, a supermarket, a pastry shop and a hotel with 62 beds is to be finalized in mid-2020.  

More details about the project:

  Die Ring Rast

Giant project:
The Ring Rast is more than just a rest stop. It combines the world of games, restaurants, hotels and petrol stations, including a car wash.
Reprint free of charge with attribution: © Kirchdorfer

 Betonfertigteile stammen von Kammel   Betonfertigteile stammen von Kammel

Innovative technology and quality:
The precast concrete parts come from Kammel and were assembled on site with the highest precision and poured with in-situ concrete.
Reprint free of charge with attribution: © Kirchdorfer