Technology „Made in Austria“ is turning the world of steel on its head

published 06/2019

DELTABLOC® develops revolutionary system of steel safety barriers

Imagine driving along a main road, to the right you can see the typical crash barriers. They will catch you in the event of an impact and protect you from driving into the ditch. A relatively practical and world-wide established invention, but unfortunately one has to accept significant disadvantages. Steel guardrails consist of a myriad of components and screw connections. They deform very easily and can not always prevent heavy vehicles from breaking through.

Conventional steel guardrails, which have been constructed in more or less the same way for decades, thus have deformation behavior during impact that can hardly be modeled. A solution for more security and less complexity has to come! And DELTABLOC® delivers it!

STEELBLOC® PRODIGY: Supermodular Guardrails for more safety

With the STEELBLOC® PRODIGY series, DELTABLOC® Road Safety experts have redesigned the construction, impact behavior and installation of steel guardrais from the ground up. The new standard is called „supermodular”. Fewer components for less complexity – without restriction in terms of safety.

CEO Thomas Edl explains the drive for the latest development: „Our company motto is to protect lives. With DELTBALOC® we already offer the safest concrete protection walls on the market. With STEELBLOC®, we are now setting the bar in the steel segment to a new level in terms of traffic safety and construction efficiency. That’s how we reinvent the wheel!“

STEELBLOC® already successfully in use for months

In numerous crash tests, STEELBLOC® achieved higher performance values ​​than conventional steel guardrails with significantly higher weight. The stroke of genius behind all this? STEELBLOC® uses only one single patented post type for all guide rail models in the product portfolio. The technology is unique and revolutionary – and of course „Made in Austria”.

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