Maba Fertigteilindustrie develops a new noise protection concept

published 03/2013

Since the end of January calm has been restored for the inhabitants in and around Sollenau-Theresienfeld. The constantly growing  through-traffic and its increasing noise levels led to the construction of a by-pass of both cities, equipped wih a high-quality noise protection and a traffic management system made by Maba Fertigteilindustrie (FTI), a subsidiary of the internationally active Kirchdorfer Group. “A special highlight is the optically diverting design, providing support for the concentration of the drivers,” points out Dr.  Bernhard Rabenreither, manager of Maba FTI.

Two sound protection systems were realized. On the one side of the road a Phonobloc® Mono A3 noise protection wall and on the opposite side a combination of the Delta Bloc®-traffic management system with Phonbloc walls were erected.

“We have to allow innovations to develop” DI Peter Beiglböck, Director of the Division for Road Construction in the Province of Lower Austria comments  about his decision concerning the installation of two Maba noise protection walls. “Both systems are future oriented and offer specific advantages.”

The economic and efficient combination of noise protection.

The Phonobloc wall is a 3-layer system fully sound absorbent with a length of 1,200 square meters erected on one side of the road and safely secured into the ground with steel piles.

A combination of the approved Delta Bloc traffic management system and Phonobloc elements were put in on the opposite side of the road. On the one hand the Delta Bloc prevents the vehicle from drifting out of its lane and on the other it fixes the noise protection wall Phonobloc at the same time. As no foundation or static calculations are needed this noise protection concept saves costs. “With these two sound protection concepts Maba is able to offer the most effective and most cost–efficient solution on the market,” revenue manager Prok.DI Daniel Briedl explains proudly. A total of 2.025 square meters of Phonobloc noise protection elements have been installed. 

Both systems are 2.5 meters high and were set up parallel to each other on a length of 450 meters between October and December 2012. The combined system is also equipped with an escape door.

More safety on the road

Again and again is fatigue the cause of serious accidents. Especially long straight routes with a monotone surrounding make drivers tire more rapidly. Visual stimuli increase the drivers’ concentration. The design of the bypass around Sollenau-Theresienfeld paid special attention to variety.  

“The noise protection walls have red, grey and green elements on both sides, creating certain patterns.” explains Briedl.

“Until recently, the free design of noise protection walls has not been economically realizable. The color design matches the surroundings and thus the noise protection walls on road B17 fit perfectly into the landscape.”

The smart 3-layer Phonobloc system

A thin reflecting coating guarantees the best-possible reduction of noise transmission. “Conventional mineral noise protection systems use massive concrete layers with an additional static function. With the Phonobloc system, this function is equally distributed and the element becomes much more efficient” explains Daniel Briedl. The second layer – a load bearing absorption layer – guarantees class A3 and A4 noise absorption and thus represents state of the art technology.The well-tried absorption layer provides noise reduction and bears static and dynamic loads at the same time. The third component is a designable layer. “We provided the possibility to be creative in an area that has been restricted until now as far as design was concerned. This enables us to integrate the elements into the landscape in the best-possible way,” explains Rabenreither. The design of the free-flowing forms has not been realizable economically until today. The intelligent layer system of Phonobloc enables integration, not only from the architectural point of view, but also concerning form and color by the clear separation of design and technology.

Maba Fertigteilindustrie develops a new noise protection concept Maba Fertigteilindustrie develops a new noise protection concept Maba Fertigteilindustrie develops a new noise protection concept