Kirchdorfer News 2/2022

published 11/2022

“Safe together in work and leisure” – this is the motto under which the winning photo of the LEO+S photo competition adorns the cover of the fall issue of the Kirchdorfer News: The spectacular and breathtaking climbing photo of our colleague Lydia Dirnberger from the KRT division’s PHONOBLOC Noise Protection Competence Center in Oberndorf (Salzburg) symbolizes a successful competition that has also led to many productive safety debates.

In addition to occupational safety, a new milestone in sustainability is on the agenda in this issue – the launch of a Group-wide strategy project. As those responsible for the project explain to us, the sustainability strategy is not only intended to analyze and optimize all input and output flows, but also to achieve new competitive advantages for the entire Group. To illustrate successful material flows, this time Kirchdorfer News stops off in Ohlsdorf (Upper Austria), among other places, where KIAS Managing Director Christian Zirgoi takes us on a tour of one of the most modern and largest scrap tire processing plants in the whole of Europe. 

Furthermore, this time we are allowed to take you from Stuttgart via Norway to the New World. In Babót (Hungary), we find out how a comparatively small workforce can produce enormous quantities of aggregates and still have time to build a very elegant office extension on their own initiative. We also take a look at why it has been raining every day for 30 years in the UWT hall in the center of Linz, as well as the three-year final spurt for the ÖBB „Koralmbahn“ centenary project.

We wish you an entertaining reading journey!

Kirchdorfer News 2/2022