Kirchdorfer News 02/2021

published 11/2021

Especially in times like these, we are particularly concerned to take care of our colleagues and fellow human beings and to ensure safe cooperation. With this in mind, the current issue is dedicated to the topic of occupational safety. In June 2021, we obtained the first certifications according to the new ISO 45001 standard “Occupational Safety and Health”.

Awareness of the need for moderate use of natural resources is increasing. The issue of sustainability is also playing an increasingly important role in the construction industry. Therefore a large part of this edition is dedicated to our roadmap to sustainability. We report on ongoing efforts and numerous sustainability projects in the Kirchdorfer Group. Learn more about investments to reduce CO2 and increase recycling rates, photovoltaic systems on roofs, facades and noise barriers, a new direct rail link to the storage yard, and orchids and wild animals in our quarries.

Technological advances, various digitization projects, the new DBI headquarters and exciting projects as far away as South Africa complete this issue.

We hope you enjoy reading!

KIrchdorfer News 02/2021