Kirchdorfer extends framework contracts with ÖBB

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published 12/2019

As a provider of high-quality precast products for the railways, such as catenary masts, platform edges, turnout and track sleepers, cable troughs and track support plates, the Kirchdorfer Group has been one of the most reliable suppliers to the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) for decades – a partnership that now also extends to noise protection installations.

Since autumn 2019, MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH has also had a corresponding framework agreement with the Austrian Federal Railways in the area of ​​noise protection. For several train station expansion projects in Lower Austria, Upper Austria and Carinthia, the ÖBB managers rely on the wood-concrete technology of the Kirchdorfer Group.

Flagship project at the new train station in Münchendorf

With a total investment of around half a billion euros, the Pottendorf line from Vienna-Meidling to Wiener Neustadt is currently being expanded to two tracks. For a section of 13 km around the newly built Münchendorf train station, ÖBB relies on noise barriers from the nearby MABA headquarters in Wöllersdorf. It was therefore only natural that a large part of the approx. 12,500 square metres of noise protection elements were delivered by rail – a logistical challenge that was only possible through the good and close cooperation with the responsible ÖBB construction manager Yolanda Usart-Sanchez: “Three years of planning are necessary for such a complex construction project as the Münchendorf train station so that all work can run smoothly. With perfect adherence to delivery dates and convincing quality, MABA also made a decisive contribution to the overall success.”

Aesthetic challenge in Wernstein am Inn

Located between Schärding and Passau, the municipality of Wernstein has long been divided into two parts by the railway line that runs right through the center of the village. Accordingly, the long planning phase for the double-track expansion was a double-edged affair: the residents on the slope feared to lose their unobstructed view of the Inn, while the majority of the residents along the riverbank voted for the construction of noise barriers. Following the complex project, the responsible project manager on the part of ÖBB Infrastructure AG in Linz, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Fruhmann, is extremely satisfied with the result: “The expansion project in Wernstein am Inn is a good example of the success of an ecologically and aesthetically sensitive challenge through attractively designed noise protection structures.”

Protection for eyes, ears and maintenance budgets

The basis of the recent successes in railway expansion is the fact that Kirchdorfer Concrete Solutions was the first provider in Austria to obtain approval for noise protection elements and noise protection walls for train speeds of up to 250 km / h. The complex, aerodynamic loads of passing trains with 5 million load changes were simulated in an extensive test program. With a lifespan of at least 50 years, the noise protection walls made of precast concrete parts are a quantum leap compared to many wooden structures that are now being gradually replaced along the railway lines.

With the color gradations and surface structures adapted to the landscape, the Kirchdorfer noise barriers are among the new feasts for the eyes of the railway infrastructure.

Lärmschutzverbauung entlang des neu errichteten Bahnhofs Münchendorf
The noise protection structure along the newly built Münchendorf train station as part of the double-track expansion of the Pottendorfer line in Lower Austria is one of the showcase projects for how modern rail infrastructure can be implemented in terms of functionality and aesthetics.
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Installation der Lärmschutzwände bei laufendem Verkehr am Bahnhof Münchendorf Installation der Lärmschutzwände bei laufendem Verkehr am Bahnhof Münchendorf
Installation of the noise barriers during ongoing traffic at the Münchendorf train station.
Reprint free of charge with attribution: © Kirchdorfer

Ausbau der Bahnstrecke sowie Neubau einer Haltestelle Wernstein am Inn Ausbau der Bahnstrecke sowie Neubau einer Haltestelle Wernstein am Inn
Extension of the railway line and new construction of the Wernstein am Inn stop (Upper Austria)
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