The conveyor belt line Kriva Bara

published 05/2013

The conveyor belt line Kriva BaraTogether with the subsidiary Transkomplekt Engineering Kamani i pjasak is one of the most important supplier of additive material in and around Sofia.

Due to restricted geological reserves in the gravel quarry Pet Mogili the company invested about 350,000 Euros to build a conveyor belt line between its plant and the neighboring gravel stock Kriva Bara. Within 6 months the line with a length of 430 meters was installed in order to guarantee the raw material supply of the gravel plant. Parallel to that a canal with a floating grab was built that is also used for the transport of oversized material in everyday business.

All in all the conveyor belt line Kriva Bara does not only considerably increase the production capacity, but the decision against an in-company truck traffic results in enormous savings in costs and CO2 emission. The line was launched as planned in May 2013.