DELTABLOC® saves lives in Romania

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published 06/2019

1,000 km of DELTABLOC® concrete barriers will be installed over the next 4 years to enhance safety protection on the dangerous passages of the Romanian road network. With an order volume of 100 million EUR, this is the largest contract in the history of Kirchdorfer – and the entire traffic safety industry.

With around 100 deaths per year per 1 million inhabitants, Romania is leading the sad EU statistics: although all EU countries as a whole have made great progress in the area of ​​so-called “passive road safety” in recent years, the differences between countries remain enormous.  An example: Three times as many fatalities in Romania as compared to England are certainly also a consequence of deficient or non-existent vehicle retention barriers in dangerous bends and oncoming traffic.

The great need to touch up safety measures on the dense the Romanian “Drumuri Nationale” network – 17,000 km of mostly 2- or 4-lane national roads, which lead through towns and city centers completely unsecured – has led to a huge order volume for concrete safety barriers of almost 100 million. A respective tender was put out in 2018 for a project leading over a period of 4 years.

As the international market and technology leader, DELTABLOC International was naturally in an excellent position. DELTABLOC® has worked hard to be awarded with all the project sections that have been tendered: Among others more than 5,000 pages of tender documents have been submitted, new companies founded and a powerful network of competent and certified local production partners and suppliers has been set up.

Over the next 4 years, 6 CE-certified precast plants and 2 mobile teams for in-situ concrete walls will upgrade the Romanian national roads to the state-of-the-art. These measures should ensure a significant reduction in the number of fatal traffic accidents.

The Romanian road operator CNAIR already knows how efficient and helpful the installed DELTABLOC® systems will be from its own experience: More than 10 years ago, DELTABLOC International provided one of the most dangerous road sections in Romania with innovative concrete protection walls for testing purposes. Previous to the installation, there were several fatalities a year – After the measures had been taken: Not a single fatal incident has happened ever since!


Crash-Test DELTABLOC® Installation DELTABLOC® Concrete Barriers

Crash Test & Installation of DELTABLOC® Concrete Barriers.
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