DELTA BLOC UK wins the British Precast Innovation Award for precast protection walls on the M4

published 05/2012

DELTA BLOC UK gewinnt den British Precast Innovation Award für vorgefertigte Schutzwände auf der M4

DELTA BLOC UK, the producer and installer of the road restraint systems was granted the British Precast Innovation Award 2012 for its project of the precast road safety barriers on the M4 in South-Wales between Christchurch Overbridge and the Brynglas tunnel. Thus DELTA BLOC UK practically broke a monopoly position in cast in-situ safety elements with step-profiles and delivered an innovative, cost effective and incredibly safe solution for protection walls and road restraint system. According to the European standard EN 1317 the protection walls were rigorously tested and showed that accidents could be avoided in which vehicles broke through the division walls.

The DELTA BLOC UK system can contribute to avoid more than 2,000 fatal accidents in the United Kingdom every year, more than 30 of which happen in the area of the central reservation line. The protection wall of about 3 km consists of precast elements to repair defect steel guard rails faster than it would be possible with in-situ casted concrete elements.

Drainage and dislocation problems were easily solved and the installation could be carried out independently from the weather conditions, as the precast concrete elements had already been produced outside the construction area.

The jury said: “this plan to install precast concrete protection walls on the first 3 km saved lives and is an excellent new version of the traditional concrete solution. The imbedded precast units could be installed quickly and simply and were of excellent quality.

The most important issue, however, was that the DELTABLOC®  protection walls offer an additional safety level in order to fulfill the requirements of the road restraint systems and in order to avoid accidents where the car breaks through the central reservation line. This is an extremely important innovation for any traffic user.”

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