Decades of loyalty to the cement plant

published 12/2019

A career spanning several decades with the same employer is already a rarity today. Not so in the Kirchdorf cement plant, where decades of connection with the family business is nothing unusual. This year again, two colleagues are starting their well-deserved retirement, who have spent a total of over 60 years in Kirchdorf.

Anyone who, like Helmut Achathaler, starts as an apprentice in the company and has found his or her place in life with many different tasks can look back on an incredible 45 (!) years of service. If you consider it, the ambitious family man has experienced over a third of the 130-year history of the Kirchdorf cement works.

The humorous Kirchdorfer took up an apprenticeship in the chemistry laboratory and was subsequently responsible for waste management, the chemicals ordinance or emissions legislation.

There was a lot of variety in Achathaler’s career back in the time when the computer age in the cement plant dawned. The passionate athlete was the first to learn several programming languages ​​and to hoock up the first laboratory PCs into a network. His diverse interests and skills also flowed into the “measurement and control technology group” at that time, in which he also co-programmed the first control system.

Christine Weinzierler has also witnessed the last years of this period. She joined the cement works in 2002 as an assistant to the former plant manager. When the corporate headquarters moved from Linz to the Kirchdorf cement plant a few years later, she was finally put to the position that she had so confidently filled until her retirement at the end of November 2019: as the assistant to the CEO.

Helmut Achathaler and Christine Weinzierler now enjoy their retirement – and with them, they take an important piece from Kirchdorfer’s decades of company history.

Helmut Achathaler
Helmut Achathaler – © Kirchdorfer
Christine Weinzierler
Christine Weinzierler – © Weinzierler