DELTA BLOC Nederland B.V., Niederlande

Concrete vehicle restraint systems

DELTA BLOC Nederland B.V. markets DELTABLOC® road restraint systems in the Netherlands. With special DELTABLOC® systems, specifically designed for this market DELTABLOC® offers the biggest range of concrete protection walls in the Netherlands. The subsidiary of DELTA BLOC International GmbH manages the biggest leasing pool in state-of-the-art traffic guide walls in the field of construction site and road traffic safety.

Year of Establishment
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Thomas Edl

Jan Tinbergenstraat 228
NL-7559 ST Hengelo

Tel.: +31 74 750 88 56
Fax: +31 74 750 88 57
Website: DELTA BLOC Nederland | Moderne Voertuigkeringsytemen