Team Asche GmbH, Austria

Ash and dust from biomass combustion

Team Asche GmbH

Team Asche GmbH, part of the Kirchdorfer Group since 2021, deals with the recycling and disposal of ashes and dusts from biomass combustion.

One of the applications is the use of ash from biomass heating plants as a substitute raw material for cement production. Team Asche GmbH not only organizes the recycling but also coordinates the transport to the best possible reutilisation site. As a service provider, Team Asche GmbH also advises its customers on waste management issues and supports them with technical expertise in challenging disposal solutions.

Founding Year
founded in 2009 as ARGE
Ing. Paul Christoph

Manker Straße 56
3380 Pöchlarn

Tel: 02755 2430
Fax: 02755 8212
E-Mail: office@​

25% Kirchdorfer Zementwerk Hofmann GmbH 
25 % Firma Kerschner Umweltservice und Logistik GmbH 
50 % Firma Holz-Rec Recycling und Verwertung GmbH 
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