Kirchdorfer Zementwerk Hofmann Gesellschaft m.b.H, Austria

Binder, Cement

Kirchdorfer Zementwerk has been a specialist in cementing agents and cement for over 125 years.

The company puts a huge emphasis on environmentally sound  processes and the development of eco-friendly products evidenced. This is proven, for example, by the recovery of heat to feed the local district heating, the Kiln Control System that allows for combustion generating  low levels of nitric oxide, and by our sophisticated filter technologies. Dealing with ecological resources in a responsible way, sustainable raw material quarrying and enhanced use of alternative fuel technologies ensure fabrication of special products such as the new eco-friendly all-purpose cement (ÖKO Universalzement), causing 20 % less CO2 emissions, which is positive when it comes to the amount of housing subsidy granted.

The state-of-the-art concrete lab ensures further development of the company’s product range. Its highly qualified concrete engineers also advise and support customers directly on the building site.

Year of Establishment
Annual capacity
500.000 t
Mag. Erich Frommwald
Joao Paulo Pereira da Silva, MSc.

Hofmannstraße 4
A-4560 Kirchdorf/Krems

Tel.: +43 5 7715 200
Fax: +43 5 7715 200 466