The Blossler tunnel: Pave the way for MABA and Porr

published 09/2013

The Blossler tunnel: Pave the way for MABA and PorrThe newly built route between Wendlingen and Ulm is a railroad section under construction in Baden Württemberg. In contrary to the highway that winds up the hill, this route will go right through the mountain as from 2020. The longest tunnel on this route will be the Boßler tunnel with a length of 8,806 meters.

The tender for 50,000 lining segments for this project was awarded to the working group ARGE PTS Boßler tunnel (PTS = precast tunnel segments) founded by MABA and Porr as partner companies. Currently the ARGE is erecting a temporary production hall at the entrance of the tunnel that will turn 230,000 m³ of concrete into tunnel walls between 2014 and 2017.

The mechanical excavation with the tunnel lining does not only enable faster construction but the precast tunnel segments for the inner lining of the tunnel protects the mountain and thus guarantees absolute safety for men and machine.