125 Years Kirchdorfer Gruppe

published 08/2013

More than 350 guest participated in the anniversary celebration Thursday night in the Kirchdorfer Group’s headquarter, among others numerous representatives of politics and economy, partners and employees members.

„125 years Kirchdorfer Group – that is something very special. This anniversary makes us proud and delighted. It also provides a perfect setting for the successes of the past and a hopeful future“, Erick Frommwald, manager of the Kirchdorfer Group describes this memorable event.

The welcome by Klaus Obereder of the Austrian Broadcasting Company ORF and an interview with Frommwald was followed by an interesting round of discussion with the guests of honour of this gala evening: Dr. Joseph Pühringer, the Head of Province of Upper Austria, Mag. Dr. Michael Strugl MBA, Provincial Council, Mag. Dr. Rudolf Trauner, President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Commerce, DI Günter Rübig, his head of the Department for Industry and Dr. Johann Kalliauer, President of the Chamber of Labour of Upper Austria focused the discussion on the important topic of energy in concrete industry and supported the demand for Europe’s re-industrialization.

The guests were then presented an exciting tour through the eras of the company’s history: After various artistic performances, such as the Emperor’s Waltz by Johann Strauss and a Casting Show, the Kirchdorfer Group’s 125th anniversary was literally on fire. The icing on the cake was definitely Albert Kessler, the master of ceremony who moderated an unforgettable evening in an eloquent and humorous way.

The venue for this event was not chosen at random, after all the success story of the enterprise began on Kirchdorfer soil: in 1888 Emil Dierzer and Adolf Hofmann founded the „Portland-Cementwerk Kirchdorf Hofmann & Comp.“ with a modest production volume. In the course of the decades and thanks to great pioneers, unique forerunners and competent employees members it became the worldwide most successful business group whose development is rising steeply.

Values as the parameter of the business culture

So what is the secret of success of this internationally active enterprise? „Create, design and respect values. These are the Kirchdorfer Group’s implemented objectives. The dynamic development of the past 125 years, the continous expansion and the careful treatment of the environment are perfect examples“, Erich Frommwald gives an insight into the business culture of the Kirchdorfer Group. „Moreover our history proves that with longterm and anticipated planning and sustainable investment this course can also be kept under difficult market conditions. In this sense the Kirchdorfer Group will also respect existing structures in the next 125 years, actively design the present and thus create a sound basis for a successful future which we are looking forward to!“

125 Years Kirchdorfer Gruppe 125 Years Kirchdorfer Gruppe 125 Years Kirchdorfer Gruppe