Wöllersdorf under the sign of Leo

published 05/2012

The sun was shining, the visitors‘ faces were beaming when the Upper Austrian Kirchdorfer Group opened the new administration center in Wöllersdorf in the presence of numerous visitors on May 23, 2012.

“The values of the Kirchdorfer Group are to respect the existing and to create something new out of it – and the refurbishment of this building reflects this attitude.” explained Mag. Erich Frommwald at the opening. He also explained the function of the center: “The Group’s heart is still in Kirchdorf, the brain and the nerves, however, are in Wöllersdorf, the biggest location of the group.”

After the building had been blessed by Reverend Waclaw Radziejewski and under the entertainment of the music group „Kirchdorfer Bläser Quartett“ more than 150 friends and partners and the shareholders of the Kirchdorfer Group made a tour through the renovated building.

The new seat of the Kirchdorfer group reflects a successful combination of industry-architecture of the beginning of the 20th century and the technology and material of the 21st century.

The “Feuerwerksanstalt“ a terrain with an old tradition

The so-called “Feuerwerksanstalt“ in Wöllersdorf was first mentioned in a document in the year 1815. As from 1867 it held the Wöllersdorf Ammunition Factory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy that employed 40,000 people during World War I. There was little activity between the wars and periodically the plant came to a standstill. A big part of the building was destroyed by a bomb attack in 1944. Precast concrete elements had already been produced on the premises since 1923. One part of these premises is the round building that had been renovated and had been erected in 1916 from the Viennese architect Ludwig Müller, a student of Otto Wagner.

The revitalization

The premises have been in the possession of the Kirchdorfer Group since 1984. Last year the round central building was revitalized in the course of a general refurbishment. The target of the refurbishment was to create something new without destroying the character of the old. As the building envelope is under monumental protection the planning was carried out in close co-operation with the National Heritage Agency.

The project was accomplished with the know-how and the own material of the Kirchdorfer Group.

The planning concept was designed by the group itself taking advantage of the expertise of the different branches. Today the newly refurbished rotunda is the administrative headquarter of the Kirchdorfer Group and offers its employees a surrounding where tradition meets the modern – according to the group’s principles: respect, design and create values.

The 9 – the object and its symbolism

Easily visible and present for all visitors an object of the artist Ling Nimmervoll was placed the centre of the hall. It was created with the material Ziegelit® in combination with stainless steel and it shows the Chinese symbol for the number “Nine”, a symbol for luck, continuous success and eternal friendship. The positive energy of this masterpiece can be felt and experienced in the hall. The precast elements of this piece of art were produced in close co-operation with the artist and it has become an integrated part of the new entrance area.

You will find more information about the artist Ling Nimmervoll and her pieces of art under www.ateliernimmervoll.at

About the Kirchdorfer Group

Founded in 1888 the Upper Austrian Kirchdorfer Group has become a dynamic, growing enterprise. The private industry group has three product branches: cement, raw material (stone, sand, cement, gravel, transport concrete) and precast elements and prefabricated houses. In 2011 1,400 employees in 10 countries had a turnover of more than 20 million Euros and continue the successful way of the Kirchdorfer Group.