Kirchdorfer raw material division continues to expand

published 08/2013

The Kirchdorfer Group continues its growth course: in August the group took over the majority of WIBAU Holding.

The Upper Austrian traditional enterprise was founded in 1946 as an industrial cooperative in construction industry , short WIBAU. Originally the company was responsible for the supply of the construction industry with low-priced raw materials. Today the parent company WIBAU Holding unites several subsidiaries of the WIBAU group under one roof. The companies work in the fields of ready-mixed concrete, raw material extraction and processing, disposal, recycling and scaffolding.

At the beginning of August the history of WIBAU changed again: the Kirchdorfer Group increased their share from 47.7% to 54.27%. „Taking over the majority brought us one big step closer to our strategic goal of vertical integration of the group. With the majority in WIBAU we are now also playing a major role in the areas sand, gravel and ready-mixed concrete.“ CEO Mag. Erich Frommwald, who will also act as chairman of the board of the WIBAU group, is very satisfied. The operative every-day-business of WIBAU remains unaffected by the takeover and will be managed by Mag. Gerhard Kraus as up to now.

The Kirchdorfer Group can thus continue its expansion course in 2013 and further expand its market position on home soil.