Magdeburg Ring Road – Another DELTABLOC in-situ barrier installation with corrosion resistant reinforcement

published 11/2014

Magdeburg, the capital of the German federal state Sachsen-Anhalt with a population of approximately 230 000, is well known for its economy, culture and architecture. Here at the highway B189 – called “Magdeburger Ring” – in the area between “Ebendorfer Chaussee” and “Autobahnkreuz Magdeburg Zentrum” the new in-situ safety barrier EP 80Ba with corrosion resistant strands was installed beginning of November.

The new reinforcement type was used providing full corrosion resistance for a significantly increased product lifetime. Even under worst weather conditions and heavy use of de-icing salt a reliable and maintenance free safety performance is guaranteed.

With the performance class H2 W2 ASI B the EP 80Ba provides reliable breakthrough protection and high safety for vehicle occupants in case of an impact.