Kirchdorfer Group

It all began in 1888 with a cement plant in Kirchdorf, Upper Austria, which today is an internationally successful and dynamically growing industrial group represented by its companies and majority holdings in 13 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Moreover, license agreements are in existence with a further 20 countries on all continents. 

Ever since, competent and highly motivated staff, long-term investment in research and development, intelligent product innovations and a dedicated focus on our customers have been instrumental in our growth. Management has always strived to keep decision processes short and flexibility high in each single business unit. We truly value all that we have established, actively endeavour to shape the present, thereby creating a sound basis for a successful future. The Group’s longstanding traditions enable us to remain on course even in a challenging market environment, as our forward planning is long term and our investments sustainable.

We are going to continue on this path with full dedication. As a privately-owned industrial group, we have clearly defined our goals in this context: the utilisation of selective growth opportunities, the development of innovative and technologically never-seen-before solutions for future market niches as well as the ongoing internationalisation and diversification of our services.