DELTA BLOC realizes the sound protection project on the highway A9

published 08/2013

On the highway A9 in Lebring/Styria a complex noise protection project is being completed. All in all on a total construction length of 3.3 km noise protection walls are being erected in seven different construction phases.

Within the first phase the service area Lebring was equipped with noise protection walls of the type DB 80 LSW-R on a length of 583 meters. The absorbing surface amounts to 1,085 m². 

The other 6 phases are in construction (status August 2013), also applying the DB 80 LSW-R system with a wall height of up to 4.5m.

The integrated noise protection wall system DB 80 LSW-R was mainly chosen for cost reasons. Due to the close positioning to the noise source the noise protection wall can be kept lower compared to noise protection systems without integrated retention system. Furthermore the  DB 80 LSW-R elements are simply set onto the road surface, thus saving expensive foundations for the implementation of this system.

Project data

  • Applied system:  DB 80 LSW-R
  • Wall heights: between 1.5 and 4.5m
  • Installation lengths: 100 to 990 running meter each
  • Total installation length: 3,324 running meter
  • Total absorbing surface:  7,962.82 m²
  • Location: A9 Maribor – Graz,    between Leibnitz and Lebring
  • Construction phases: 7 in total